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His Majesty King Starscream By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

I sat alone in the room with Starscream, talking to him as I painted his portrait. He had much to say, a lot about his successes, a few of his failures and much about his goals and desires. The problem I had with him was his apparent inability to sit still for a long period of time. He would move his head, or his arms and shift around on his aft.

When I was completed I turned the piece to show him. "The perspective is a bit off in a couple of places," he remarked as he studied it, "but you captured my face rather well with those primitive artistic tools."

I told him I was at a loss for a title of his portrait. "His Majesty King Starscream. It is simple and to the point," he suggested. I had to agree. It also had the added benefit of fitting in Deviant art's title length constraints.

When asked why he said. "I want something that speaks of my grandeur, but in a different way," where his words.

I questioned him why he wanted this particular style. Why a serene and almost peaceful portrait rather than one of him in glorious battle and conquest. He shook his head and said. "Enough of the portrayals of me standing in a battle pose, although I like those very much, everyone does them. People tend to forget that it is my handsome face which is one of my best focal points. The Decepticons should see me as the wondrous mechanism that I am."

I asked about his future plans for the Decepticons, the Decepticon empire, Cybertron and the galaxy, he replied, "I hope to lead my Decepticons into a glorious and prosperous future. The days of having to conserve scraps of energy will be a thing of the past with me in command."

There is little doubt about how high he thinks of himself.

Starscream is a rather handsome looking fellow. His dark face sets off his bright red optics and the way he cocks his head on occasion causes a shadow to fall across them and gives him a more sinister and very dangerous look. There is much to be said about dangerous guys, they are, for lack of a better word, very interesting.

I asked him about any personal future plans. He chuckled and shook his head as his face went a shade darker. "That is for me to know. I must go it is 1400 hours and I have to get my team together for a mission."

Starscream left me standing there alone for a moment. He might be arrogant and snobbish at times, but he also seems to really care about the future of his Decepticons and wants them to do well.

This painting was done on 18 24 artists choice canvas board. I used Delta Ceramcoat acrylics. All in all this painting took me from 2 8 hours a day for about 9 days. This includes my sketching. I realise there are some problems I am aware of what they are as well. I will likely not be fixing them at this juncture; however, any similar future project, I will try to correct these spots.

I will try to get a better, less distorted, photograph done of this painting later, some reason its just being a total pain in the aft.

I thank Mother for her comments and remarks which have aided me greatly. Starscream for President for her patience and her feedback as well.

I think that is pretty much it for now.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.