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Deadly Error By: Sunstar

Artist's Note

It was not even a matter of a second before that blast hit him, however that moment felt like eternity. He saw the brilliant white - purple plume of the charge erupt from the end of the plasma cannon. His optics widened in a moment of pure terror. The blast expanded as it moved towards him. He glanced up for a nanosecond, and looked into the sadistic grinning face. He off lined his optics and screamed as the blast enveloped him. It burned and tore at him. He could feel his chest breaking apart. Suddenly he felt the floor smash against his face as his cockpit shattered. He had not realised he was falling. He could feel his energon pump sputter and fail. In his last moment before the blackness of oblivion took him over, he thought he had heard Autobot voices and laser fire.

To me, this was one of my hardest things to paint, it was actually my second acrylic painting that I did. What I found disturbing was the nature, the damage. But I have since grown accustomed to drawing "violent" pictures and sketches.

Sketched and scanned then printed on canvas photopaper where it was hand painted.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.