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20 Years of Starscream Colours by: Sunstar
Lines by: King Starscream

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Artist's Note

Click on image for full size

This has taken about two and a half weeks to colour spending about 8 - 15 hours a day. Yes, I realise I have no life but this was a personal challenge; something I have wanted to do for a few years. Only now, I feel like I could.

This has been very intense work for me to do and I am quite glad to see it finally finished. I used Photoshop to do the colour work and bless layers. I used 81 layers total for this project which may be far too many, but I do it that way so I can easier control what I can see and what I cannot see. Some sections were made into groups so it would be easier to simply turn off effects completely.

The original line artist is King Starscream. I finally did manage to get into contact with him, even if it were relayed. The original line art is called the 20 Years of Starscream.

I have to say that colouring this piece nearly drove me nuts. Sometimes I just get really really weird when I work on projects as intense as this.

We have, from left to right

Front Row:

Pretender Starscream, Beast Machines Second, Armada Starscream, Energon Starscream (late season colours) War Within Starscream

Middle Row:

Coronation Generation 1 Starscream and G.I Joe Crossover Nightraven Starscream

Back Row:

World War Two G.I Joe Crossover Starscream, Action Masters Starscream, G2 War World Starscream and finally, Machine Wars Starscream... for some reason I call him bob...likely because he really looks different.

The artist seems to have drawn in some Easter eggs, two I spotted and one I was told about.

Please link to me if you choose to take this image thanks.