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Earthdate: Jan. 15, 2006
Subject: HEY!

Wild excitement up my way this week. Jan 12th there was a stabbing incident in the building I used to live in a few years ago, no one killed but it made for some late night entertainment. 7 police vehicles, including a K-9 unit. Two swat vans, three total ambulance, though only one was needed. They made an arrest and it made it into the newspaper.

I have added a new piece of artwork on my fan art page... Eye of Ra. It was an experiment and It worked out quite well. I have a few inane art ideas ready and I will have them uploaded when the time is right.

It appears that some of my banners may not be viewable to people. This is a bit irritating. Apparently because they are in a directory called banners, they are being filtered out. So if you cannot see the banners on the site, then that is likely due to a popup filter.

I updated the links page and I will be adding to the "interesting bits and pieces page" I found another box of energon valentines day cards. My only comment is; Optimus Prime on the box looks like he's got a broken neck. From a Decepticon standpoint, this is good. From an artist's the pose looks really awkward.

I do not have any other remarks for the day so... Have a nice week.

Until next time,

- Sunstar

Earthdate: Jan. 06, 2006
Subject: Happy New Pages!

2006 Already? Primus! Life sure goes by when you are having much fun. I hoped you all had a happy new year, ate lots, partied and got sloshed. I had been sick so, I sober for the roll over. Sucks eh?


Guess what?! I have finally got my afterburner into gear and managed to get together those pages I have been promising for the past two months.

YESSSSSSS! Toys & Games Not everything is up on this page yet. I am still trying to get a clear shot of my puzzle. Every time I take a shot, the flash goes off and the puzzle is blown into flash glare oblivion.

I have also finally added my Prisoners of Starscream page that shows off some of my other Transformer toys that are not Decepticon or Screamer.

On top of all this I have had the opportunity and the urge to make some new Website title banners.

Starscream's shrine has been updated. The image there is a bit sinister.
Prisoners of Starscream has a banner of course
Toys and Games has already had two versions made. I prefer the second version because I added jacks to it. Not sure why I wanted jacks, but I kept thinking it needed jacks. So jacks were added.

New Art

I have added new two pieces. A Happy New Year's card and a photo comic. Go and check them out.

Ideas and Thoughts

Other ideas I am tinkering with in my head for the website are. Linking the Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary title in the left hand side of the screen to a "site map" page. A page that links all my major pages in one easy to find spot. Yeah...I will do it eventually... maybe.

I am working on a sizeable art piece too, it might take me a while to get it finished and then I am faced with the issue of where to put it up for a link. Anyway, we will see how that goes so do not hold your breath.

So, that is my blurb for now. Until later,

- Sunstar